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Dayton Aspergers Resource Network

DARN Videos
Understanding Asperger's   (Shown at DARN meeting & SWOSPA inservice /conference):  This video was produced by Larry Welkowitz and Linda Baker at Keene State College / Keene, NH.  Their Phone number is (603) 352 - 1909 ask for the Psychology Dept.

Asperger Syndrome - A Guide for Parents & Professionals by Tony Attwood

Asperger Syndrome Diagnosis & Support by Tony Attwood

How Difficult Can This Be? by ? /  PBS - WETA

Last One Picked, First One Picked On by ? /  PBS - WETA

Look What You've Done! by ? /  PBS - WETA

Visual Thinking of a Person with Autism by Dr. Temple Grandin

When the Chips Are Down

Careers - Opportunity for Growth by Dr. Temple Grandin

Pragmatic Language: Training for Parents, Teachers, and Professionals by by Sue Diamond, MA CCC

Medication - Fact or Fiction by Dr. Temple Grandin

Autism Awareness Video for Law Enforcement/Community Service Personnel by Dennis Debbaudt

Making Sense of Sensory Integration by Dr. Jane Koomar & Stacey Szklut (Video)

Sensory Challenges & Answers by Dr. Temple Grandin  (Video)

Social Stories & Comic Strip Conversations: Unique Method to Improve Social Understanding by Carol Gray

Writing social Stories with Carol Gray

Tourette Syndrome - Be My Friend (for children - 10 min.)  (Available at MV- SERRC)

Stop It! I Can't (Elem. Children - 13 min.)  (Available at MV - SERRC)

I'm a Person Too! (Young Adults - 21 min.)  (Available at MV - SERRC)

A Regular Kid That's Me (45 min.)  (Available at MV - SERRC)
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