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Dayton Aspergers Resource Network

PDD Articles Binder

1. Asperger Syndrome - High Functioning Autism - PDD
     -Asperger's Syndrome:  A Developmental Puzzle
     -The Autism Explosion
     -Autism, Asperger's Syndrome Interview
     -ATEC Internet Scoring Procedure
     -Defining Autism, PDD, and other Autistic 
       Spectrum Disorders
     -Center for Autism & Related Disabilities:
       Fact Sheet
     -Focus on Disability - Asperger's Syndrome
     -Asperger's Disorder - Overview
     -Improving results for children with Autism
     -WIRED - Is There an Epidemic of Autism in         
       Silicon Valley?
     -KidsHealth - Asperger Syndrome
                         - Pervasive Developmental Disorders
     -Mothering - New Hope for Autism
     -Overview of Autism
     -Pervasive Developmental Disorders
     -Planning for Success: Strategies for Working
       with Individuals with Asperger
       Syndrome/High  Functioning Autism
     -Autism New:  Surgeon General Reports
     -Newsweek - Understanding Autism
     -Weaving the Tapestry of ADD and
      Asperger  Syndrome
     -What is Autism?
     -Girls, Boys and Autism
     -AS & Impact on the Family
2. Diagnosis
     -DSM-IV Diagnostic Criteria for Asperger's Disorder
     -Possible Concomitant Conditions of
       Asperger Syndrome
     -Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorder
     -DSM-IV PDD
     -Getting a Diagnosis
3. Fine Motor Skills
     -Grips and Positions/Activities
     -Grasp Patterns
     -In-Hand Manipulation Techniques
4. Education
     -Common Challenges Associated with Autism
       that May Disrupt Learning
     -Helping Non-Readers to Read/Selected Products
     -Writing & Spelling
     -Teacher Feature/Remediation Doesn't Work
     -Working With Parents
5. Language Arts
     -Dolch Basic Sight Words
     -The 8 Parts of Speech
     -Exemplary Literature for Grades 2-3
     -Helping Non-Readers to Read/Selected Products
     -Reading Strategies For Kids
     -Vowel Sounds
6. Medical
     -Bureau for Children with Medical
       Handicaps  (BCMH) - Information Packets
     -Cerebral Mysteries:  Impulsive Behavior,
       Cognition, & Learning Disabilities
     -First Secretin Study Published
     -How Can Parents Help a Depressed Child?
     -Kids at Risk/Environmental Chemicals
     -Parent Ratings of Behavioral Effects of
      Drugs, Nutrients, & Diets
     -Patient Information on Psychostimulants
     -Autism Treatments
     -Take Charge of Your Child's Medical Care
     -How Safe are Kids' Vaccines?
     -What is a Developmental Pediatrician, Anyway?
     -What is Title V & How Can it Help You?
7. Sexuality and Sex Education
     -Social Training Education Project
8. Skills of Independent Living
         -Tease Solutions
         -Building Your Child's Character
         -The Lunch Bunch (Lunch Buddies)
         -Help Your Child Learn Social Skills
         -The Science of Laughter
         -Toilet Training Children & Adolescents with ASD
         -Toileting Log
         -Order Form for "It's My Turn"
9. Sleep Issues and Asperger Syndrome
     -An Investigation into Sleep Characteristics
       of  Children with Autism & Asperger's Disorder
     -Sleep Problems in Children:  A Parent's Guide
10. Speech
     -Asperger & Speech
     -Core Foundations & Capacities for Communication
       &  Socioemotional Development:  Basis for the
       Scerts Model
     -Developmental Sequences of Language
     -Is My Child's Speech or Language Delayed?
     -Listening, Speaking & Viewing:
         -Listening & Viewing Strategies
         -Speaking Strategies
         -Speaking Applications
     -Speaking of Speech
11. Software & Computer Tech.
     -Advanced Technologies Helping the Education
       of Children with Autism!
     -Evaluating Software for Special Needs Students
     -Internet Basics for Parents of Children &
       Young  Adults with Disabilities
     -Technology Resources for Written Language
     -Using Computers for Children with Cognitive
12. Theory of Mind
     -The Identity Theory of Mind
     -Theory of Mind
13. Therapy
     -Behavior & Educational Treatments for
      Autism Spectrum Disorders
     -Autism, PDD, Hyperlexia, Asperger's: Therapy
      & Special Education
     -Occupational Therapy Service Needs Questionnaire
     -Kettering Youth Services/Acute Care Programs
     -Ohio Art Therapy Training & Counseling Center
     -Stopping Hyperactivity:  A New Solution
     -Therapy Connections News
14. Travel Tips for Children with Special Needs
15. Adult AS & Related Issues
     -Adult Software Offers Life Lessons
     -ASpar:  for People Raised by a Parent on the
       Autistic Spectrum
     -Computers Enhance Adult Learning
     -Employment:  How to Plan for Your
      Child's Transition
     -Life After School: Having a Long-Term Vision
      for Your Child
     -My Five Senses: How One Woman with
      Autism  Views the World Around Her
     -A Place to Call Home: Residential Options for
       Adults with Autism

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