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Dayton Aspergers Resource Network

IEP Articles Binder


1.  Acronyms


2.  The PEATC Press

        Special Kids LA Newsletter


3.  Educational Rights


        Whose IDEA Is This?


4.  Developing A Vision For Your Child


5.  IEP  Format-Sample (2 copies)

        Department of Education - Complaint Procedures

        Conference Planning - IEP Tips

        Delivering Services to Students with Disabilities

        Developing Legally Correct & Educationally Appropriate IEP's

        Miami Valley SERRC

            Communication (Parent Communication Skills In

                                       The IEP Process)

            Guiding The IEP Process

        Guiding The IEP Process (Parent Workshop)

        How to Develop an IEP That Works

        IEP Development

        How To Write An IEP

        If You Are The Parents of An Elementary - Age Child With A Disability, You                 


        Nutrition Goals In The IEP

        Pertinent Questions To Ask When Planning An Educational Program

        Preparing For Your Child's IEP Conference

        Signatures, Consent, & How To Make Your Disagreement Count In The Special

              Education Process

        IEP Planning - Welcome To The World of IEP's

        You & The IEP


6.  Education Advocate & Consultant

        Lynne Z. Petkovic, M.Ed

        Ohio Operating Standards Effective NOW!

        Your School Is Out of Compliance with Section 504 & The ADA & You Can Make

              Them Have A Reason To Care About It   By: Reed Martin, J.D.

    Blank Forms:

        Contact Information

        Meeting Minutes

        Phone Log Record

    Using Letters Of Understanding


7.  American Disabilities Act:  Court Case

    Discipline:  Legal Issues of Suspension & Expulsion

    Families &Advocates Partnership for Education -FAPE

        Facts-on-Hand: Acronyms & The Law (4/01)

    Monetary Damages Under IDEA, Section 504 & 1983

    National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty

    Special Education Case Law Review (4/20/01)

    Ohio Coalition for the Education of Children with

        Disabilities: State Budget Bill Update


8.  Q & A:  Alternate Assessments

                  Frequently Asked Questions

    Breaking the Rules of Testing

    The Five Communication Processes Matched with Ohio's Proficiency Test Writing


    Fourth Grade Proficiency Tests:  Fair Measures of  Moving Targets?

    Proficiency Testing & Students with Disabilities:

        New Rules Adopted

    Teaching The Test

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