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Dayton Aspergers Resource Network

Transition Planning


Practical Money Skills for life

A resource for teachers and parents - Includes instructional strategies and lessons.  This is geared for grades 7-12.

It’s Time To Transition! Workbook for Young Adults, Their Families, and Their Medical Providers

Shared with Mountain States Regional Collaborative, 2006. Author: Laura Pickler, MD.

Starting Wright

Starting Wright is a program for middle school and early high school students with disabilities and their parents/caregivers to help prepare them for education and careers after high school in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields.  The program explores careers in the STEM fields and presents information that students and parents can use to get ready for 2 or 4 year college experiences and make informed and realistic decisions. 

Autism and More Into Adulthood

http://stevens_ mom.tripod. com/id25. html

Adult Transition Webcasts
The webcasts on this page provide information on topics of importance for families, students and professionals involved in  transition planning for individuals with autism spectrum disorders preparing for adulthood.


The Asperger Marriage Website

This is pretty wild, it's like a SIMS game for people with Aspergers/HFA to learn about social skills.

http://www.msnbc. 7012645

A website with information on The Supports Intensity Scale (SIS), an assessment tool that evaluates practical support requirements of a person with an intellectual disability. Available in print and electronic formats, SIS consists of an 8-page Interview and profile form that tests support needs in 87 areas, and a 128-page User's Manual.   Something that could be of value in transition planning.

For complete details of this tool, visit



Bittersweet Farms

Ardmore Inc. Official Web Site

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