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Dayton Aspergers Resource Network

Parenting Links


The Search Institute  - Fifty Years of Discovering What Kids Need to Succeed

The Search Institute is an independent nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide leadership, knowledge, and resources to promote healthy children, youth, and communities.

Home Monitoring Systems
Parenting Tips
Tattoos With A Purpose is an outlet for those who are looking for options to
address personal ID for people who cannot speak for themselves.

Our company TFH USA (Fun and Achievement catalog) offers products for children with disabilities. Our website is

Adults with disabilities -

Life Journey Through Autism:  A Parent’s Guide to Research

We are writing to inform professionals and organizations working with young children with language development needs that free parent-child activity materials are available for downloading at the Washington Learning Systems website.  

To download materials go to

The "Be Prepared" packet to help people with functional needs to be ready for emergencies is now on the OLRS Web site at People can read the Web information or download it. Using the Kit, people will complete several checklists. The checklists will guide people on the documents they need to copy and keep, and the supplies that should be on hand.

Next Steps: A Guide For Families New To Autism

This 8-page brochure will provide the reader with a general understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorders, an overview of the various treatment options, and brief information about education and services that are helpful to children and adults with autism.

Adapted Recreational Sports, OSU 

Toilet Training

Potty Training Concepts

Autism Toilet Training

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