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Dayton Aspergers Resource Network

DARN Support Group


General Meeting Information

DARN meetings are usually scheduled for the 1st Monday of each month except when there is a National Holiday on or close to the first Monday of the month (ie. New Years, Memorial Day weekend, Independence Day weekend, and Labor Day weekend).  When this occurs, we advance the meetings to the following Monday.   

Our meeting are from 7:00 to 8:30 at Christ United Methodist Church (CUMC) located at 3340 Shroyer Road in Kettering, OH (adjacent to the Fraze Pavilion, Fairmont High School, Kettering Municipal Building).  CUMC’s contact information is 293-3151 and <

Parents, family, professionals, adult individuals with Asperger Syndrome (AS), and mature youths with AS are all welcome to join our discussions which cover issues and concerns related to AS, PDD-NOS, High Functioning Autism (HFA), and related disorders.

Privacy Rights
* By attending a DARN support group meeting you are agreeing:
*  To respect and protect the privacy rights of every person &/or service provider present or mentioned.
*  To regard any personal information that is disclosed as being confidential.  
*  To obtain prior consent from the coordinator and those who are in attendance if you would like to use any recording devise.  

In order to protect the privacy rights of those who are in attendance or mentioned during a DARN meeting, recording devices of any kind are not permitted in or during any portion of any DARN meeting or event without the express written consent of the coordinator and those who are in attendance.

Child Care During Meetings

We advise that you arrange for your own child care.

Scheduling Speakers

   If you know of a speaker that you would like to hear speak at DARN, please contact them to see if they are available to speak.  Dates will be assigned on a first come first serve basis.

Here is the criteria: must be willing to donate that night’s speaking engagement, 1 – 1 hour and 15 minutes speaking time,  attendance ranges from 16 – 109 depending on the topic; screen & electrical available, large room, tables available.  

Audrey Schilb
Please contact Mary Harris for information

Dayton Asperger Resource Network (DARN)

Below is a supportive letter from a new attendee at one of the support meetings.

Dear DARN,

I just wanted to tell you how nice it was to meet everyone at the meeting Monday.  I was nervous at first, tried to make excuses as to why I should leave, kept looking at my watch to see if I had time to do some errands instead, but then told myself I was being silly and needed to relax and hopefully get some questions answered.  

It seemed at first there wasn't anyone that came close to the tense, rigid, suspicious looking brother of mine.  I thought possibly I was mistaken about him.  I'm so glad I stayed and settled into the fact that I needed to learn more.  I felt like I was among friends and everyone was so willing to listen to me and to share their own thoughts and experiences.  

I hope I didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings.  I wasn't trying to make anyone feel bad as I was attempting to describe my brother and his mannerisms.  

Maybe I was overly sensitive and nervous that night.  However, I learned a lot and will be back.

I was drawn to the young author who was present.  I knew nothing about him except he had written a few books.  Last night I was watching TV and accidently ran across the last 5 minutes of his TV show on Channel 23.  What a surprise that was!  

Anyway, thank you for a great meeting.  You do a wonderful job.  Because of caring people like you, people like me get to learn how to be more accepting and caring of our loved one.  

See you next month.  

Sister of a 60 Year Old Possible Aspie

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