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Dayton Aspergers Resource Network

 “Creating a world of fun, learning and enjoyment for our Special Children”



Date: May  5, 2007 (rain or shine)
Time: 10:00 A.M. TO 3:00 P.M. 

Location: Delco Park Kettering
  (at the Gazebo Shelter by the pond)

Who: Anyone with Asperger Syndrome or anyone on the
ASD spectrum as well as their entire family
(No age limit, but this is designed for young children thru mid-teens)

What to Bring: Water bottles, folding chairs, blankets, fishing equipment, your favorite bait, a tackle box (if you have one), a bucket or cooler for your fish, snacks and beverages to share with others (see below).  

You may want to possibly consider such items as sun glasses, sun screen, or a rain gear.

BASS/ESPN Sports no longer makes donations.  Therefore, if you received a rod & reel last year, please bring it with you.
I have obtained another source for rods & reels, but there is a limited number.  Their will also be members from local bass clubs, Division of Wildlife and other organizations present to help and give presentations. This is a wildlife learning event for the entire family.

Snacks: We are requesting that each family bring enough snacks & beverages to share with approximately 10 - 15 others.  
Bringing a snack is not required to participate.  It will just make the event more enjoyable.

When you RSVP, please let us know what you are bringing.
(ie. so we don’t have 2 dozen of the same thing)

Media Notice: Local news media will be at this event and will be doing videos for board casts or photos for articles.
There will be a media release form for everyone to sign as well as standard liability release forms.

Media Release Form: There will be a media release form for everyone to sign.  If you do not wish to have your picture taken or to be on the video, you can sign a request form indicating that you wish not to be photographed or video taped.  

You will receive 2 large stickers to wear on your front and back
indicating that you do not wish to be photographed or video taped.

RSVP:  You MUST RSVP for this event by APRIL 1ST, 2007 in order to receive a free rod & reel.  We need 3 weeks to have rods and reels shipped.  If you have equipment from last year you may RSVP thru May 3rd, 2007.

Ed Webb
Dynamic Kids’  Co-chair / Activities Coordinator

Directions: Delco Park is located at 1845 E. Dorothy Lane Kettering, Ohio.
*  From I-75, take the I-675 north exit
*  From I-70 and I-35, take the I-675 south exit.

*  Take the Indian Ripple exit.

*  Turn left off the exit ramp and proceed left/west a few miles.  

*  Indian Ripple becomes Dorothy Lane.

*  You will encounter these traffic lights:

1 -  The Green (shopping mall)

2 -  E. Stroop / County Line

3 -  Powhattan

4 -  Woodman Drive

*  Go straight through the intersection of Dorothy Lane and Woodman Dr.
(there will be a Speedway on the left and a Kroger set back on the right)

*  Turn right onto Woodman Center Dr.
which is the next traffic light.  

*  You will see the entrance to the park on the left.   

*  Proceed until you see the gazebo on the right.  

*  Park in the parking lots on the left.

Local Restaurants

There are several restaurants near by if you need to purchase lunch or supper afterwards (ie.  Kentucky Fried Chicken, Taco Bell, Wendy’s, Bob Evans, Applebee’s, etc...)

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